2021,Hi & Fi Asia-CHINA will continue to adhere to the “professional subdivision industry chain” purpose,Create a one-stop business platform integrating food, health, processing, and packaging.Looking forward to the 23rd health natural raw materials for the National Convention and Exhibition Center (NECC) on June 23-25, 2021.Food Ingredients China Exhibition once again!


  Fine cultivation of food additives and original ingredients 23 years,Hi & Fi Asia-CHINA has become a wind direction of food industry – gathering food ingredients quality supplier; focusing functional food ingredient development direction; advocating food healthy and natural concept.2021,Hi & Fi Asia-China will move the National Convention and Exhibition Center,Bring you a new raw material and ingredients “feast”!

  2021,同期将携手大健康世博会、第十二届中国国际健康产品展览会 、2021亚洲天然及营养保健品展(HNC)、上海国际淀粉及淀粉衍生物展览会(Starch Expo)、以及上海国际食品加工与Packaging Machinery Exhibition Display (Propak China and Foodpack China).Five exhibitions,Fully build food and health whole industry chain event,Promote the depth of food and health industry. In addition,The exhibition will also bring many exciting activities.In addition to retaining “exploration journey”,”Innova Innovation Products” and “Find Business Navigation System” and other brand activities,In 2021 we will continue to work with major industries,Industry Association,Senior media in-depth cooperation – show Chinese and foreign technical results; focusing on industry hot topics; dialogue industry frontier trend.Please stay tuned!